Ms Lawaljit Bhatia

Lawaljit Bhatia

The E-mpowering Designer

Ms Lawaljit Bhatia is a Bachelor of Arts from The University of Allahabad, English Language and Literature, General, NIIT Honours Diploma in Systems Management, Computer/Information Technology Administration and Management. Currently she is an IT Consultant at The Cathedral and John Conon School managing and supporting the school for all their IT requirements. Managing the existing IT Team, ERP implementation, Infrastructure management, procurement, implementation, support and training to name a few of the responsibilities being handled. Setting up and managing Computer labs and resource centre for the all section of schools.  She was a senior faculty at Tata Unisys, specialised as a faculty teaching C & Unix , programming logic and technics,  Faculty Member at Aptech Computer Education, teaching basics of computing , programming in COBOL , C , Unix , Oops etc