The Siemens Excellence Award

It is immensely gratifying to announce that in the 25th year of IGTC’s existence, one of its Founding Partners, Siemens Limited instated “The Siemens Award for Excellence”.

This prestigious award will be given to 2 graduating IGTC students for demonstrating the Siemens values of “Innovative, Responsible and Excellence” during the course of their Post Graduate Programme in Business Administration (PGPBA) based on German Dual Education System.

Siemens conducted an extremely intense selection process for this coveted award.

  • Assessment of the student’s overall academic grades at IGTC
  • Online Psychometric Test based on the three defined values
  • Final presentation and interview with Siemens’ top management based on the student’s personal journey through IGTC, highlighting examples based on the three defined values.

The award reimburses the entire IGTC PGPBA tuition fee (currently INR 2,50,000) to the selected students.

Quotes Radhieka R Mehta, IGTC Director, “We deeply value the recognition given by Siemens to the IGTC students. This will ensure that the students push themselves beyond the status quo to aspire for higher levels of achievement. The three chosen parameters of Innovative, Responsible and Excellence will drive and define their professional success.”

In 2017
Sneha Arakal and Bhargav Ghatpande
Batch 2015-2017