Dr. Jacques Perez

Managing Director and Country Representative


Surabhi Mittal

Vice President HR & Administration


LANXESS, being a German company, shares a long- standing relationship with the Indo-German Training Centre (IGTC) as the association started right after our formation itself. IGTC is one of our most trusted partners, to acquire the most suitable talents to be groomed as LANXESSites.

The most interesting aspect about the IGTC curriculum is the marriage of the theoretical and subsequent practical phases. LANXESS has a strong commitment to its trainee programme as it contributes long-term business growth by aiming to place talented, young career starters on a solid career path and nurturing them to become future leaders. Hence, it is a perfect marriage of guiding principles and vision between LANXESS and IGTC. In our experience, LANXESS can proudly say that the course offered by IGTC is one of the few programmes which has such a deep understanding of our requirements, and has accordingly been moulding students to be able to cater to those needs. LANXESS, under its Xtrainee programme, has hosted the internship programme with IGTC for 21 students and has on-boarded 9 students as management trainees on successful completion of their internship programme.

IGTC has been evolving itself as a professional body and it took a leap towards the same, in the year 2015 by coming up with programmes like the Executive Business Management Programme (EBMP) for mid-level managers. EBMP helps mid-level managers to equip themselves with essential management knowledge required to excel in present and future roles and responsibilities. The programme has been received very positively and five employees from LANXESS have been enrolled for the said programme. Hence, IGTC has been able to establish a multi-pronged interface through the various programmes and our association has strengthened even more.

Further, IGTC has brought all the German companies closer with initiatives such as IGTC quarterly meets, which provide an excellent platform for all, to benchmark as per the best practices on relevant HR topics and also to develop a camaraderie amongst the German fraternity.

For LANXESS, IGTC is no more just an association. It is now a relationship which will go a long way.