Mercedes-Benz India Pvt. Ltd.

Roland Folger

Managing Director & CEO

Mercedes-Benz India Pvt. Ltd.

Suhas Kadlaskar

Vice President Corporate Affairs & HR

Mercedes-Benz India Pvt. Ltd.

Our heartiest congratulations on Indo-German Training Centre’s (IGTC) Silver Jubilee celebrations, and its commendable contribution to the field of education.

To teach, is to touch a life forever. This holds true for IGTC which has indeed contributed immensely, in shaping the lives of many a young corporate aspirants. Students apart, several working executives have been able to hone their business and managerial competence in parallel to their working schedules.

We, at Mercedes-Benz India, are happy to be associated with IGTC. Our connection and experience with IGTC has been significantly vast, varied and deep; to fully understand the ethos, philosophy and excellence, that IGTC sets as a standard.

We piloted our first IGTC internship programme, in the year 2014 with just two students and are happy to have had several batches of students, interning with us thereafter. Internships apart, our corporate connection has been enriched through the several IGTC alumni who are currently employed with us. Additionally, post 2015, when the Pune-based Executive Business Management Programme (EBMP) commenced, several of our employees have either successfully completed the course or will be doing so in the years to come. Our employees have only admiration for the commitment and dedication of the faculty and staff who make this course so engaging and insightful.

Stepping out of the realm of academics as an organization, Mercedes-Benz India is a member of the IGTC HR Forum, which, as an HR Connect platform, has proven to be professionally enriching.

Thus our comment, that our connection with IGTC is significantly vast, varied and deep!

We wish IGTC all the very best for their future.