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Inspiring excellence with the Dr. Günter Krüger Award

Every year, the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce awards the Dr. Günter Krüger Award for Excellence to the Best Performing St..read more

The Siemens Excellence Award

Rewarding meritorious students with the Siemens Award for Excellence

Siemens Limited, a founding partner of Indo-German Training Center, has instituted the Siemens Award for Excellence. With a f..read more


Sensitizing values through the BASF Corporate Governance and Business Ethics Seminar Series

The BASF Seminar Series on Corporate Governance and Business Ethics, under the aegis of the Million Minds project, has been d..read more


Championing success through the Bayer Scholarship programme

As an Inventor company, Bayer understands that young talent is fundamental for long term sustainable growth. The Bayer Schola..read more

Mr. Christian Rummel, Executive Director & CFO, Siemens Ltd on his experience

Enhancing knowledge through the ‘Best Practices in German Organisations’

To help students to connect classroom theories to real time industry practices, IGTC unfurls a lecture series on ‘Best Prac..read more


Indo-German HR Partner Forum

The Indo-German HR Partner Forum is a representation of Senior HR Professionals of leading organizations such as A.T.E. Enter..read more

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Collaborating with the Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg (DHBW)

IGTC’s International Exchange Programme with the Duale Hochschule Baden Württemberg (DHBW) On 20th November, 2012, IGTC we..read more


Complementing with German language and intercultural learning

As a part of the curriculum, all students pursue a Start A1 Deutschkurs(German Language Course, Beginners Level 1) conducted ..read more


Corporate Interface

IGTC students are a part of official IGCC events such as the Annual General Meeting and the Founder’s Day Lecture, which br..read more


Focussing on soft skill development

The IGTC programme gives great emphasis and continuous attention on areas such as competency building, enhancing communicatio..read more


Engaging beyond academics

IGTC students learn to stretch and gain the competitive edge and time management skills by engaging beyond academics. Volunte..read more