Convocation Ceremony of EBMP 5th Batch Pune 2018

What gets measured gets analysed, and everything that gets analysed, is acted upon! And hence 12th of January 2019 was an exceptional day for Indo-German Training Centre (IGTC) Team as we felicit..read more

Inauguration of EBMP 6th Batch Pune 2018

The 6th batch of Executive Business Management Programme in Pune was inaugurated at the onset of the New Year. Brand new year and brand new start of unlearning, learning and relearning began. The..read more

EBMP Certificate Ceremony

Honoring future CEOs On 9th September 2018, managers of the 8th Executive Business Management Programme (EBMP) batch moved a step closer to becoming future CEO’s in their respective fields. Alt..read more

EBMP Mumbai 9th Batch Inauguration

Diversity grows at IGTC as the EBMP 9th MumSophia Ambosta, Assistant Professional, Mobility Management, Siemens Ltd. EBMP Participant 9th Mumbai Batch 2018 – 2019 bai batch is inaugurated with ..read more

EBMP 4th Pune Batch Certificate Awarding Ceremony

“What could be a better way to start the New Year than with a bunch of fully motivated and charged people who have gone though a year of through training and the pain of spending every other we..read more

EBMP Certification and Inauguration

“The value of the IGTC programme is not the one year that it lasts, but the intensity with which it occurs. That is why there are unforgettable learning moments and unique friendships created. ..read more

Mercedes Benz Faculty Visit

When the IGTC Stars descended on the Star For the past two years, the success of the Executive Business Management Programme in Pune has been solely attributed to the unbelievable contribution of..read more

EBMP 3rd Pune Batch Certification Ceremony

The Certificate Awarding Ceremony of the Executive Business Management Programme (EBMP) is a truly momentous and joyous occasion for the Indo German Training Centre. On the 15th February, 2017, 4..read more

Inauguration of 4th EBMP Pune Batch

IGTC’s Executive Management Programm Scales New Heights!
 Inauguration of the largest EBMP Pune Batch Designed for mid-career professionals, the Indo-German Training Centre’s, Executive Bu..read more