Director’s Message

Radhieka R. Mehta

Radhieka R Mehta, IGTC Director

“Welcome to the Indo-German Training Centre!

For more than 25 years, we are a collaborative community passionate about management training and development.  Our core is in the German Dual Education System and this steers our flagship Post Graduate Programme in Business Administration.

We go beyond the traditional academic methods to partner with the Indo-German business community entirely and give them a solid, common platform to not only be dream destinations for trainees, but also a full partner in the learning process.  Corporates drive admissions, academic learning modules, on-the job training and final recruitments. They interlock academic coursework with maximum exposure in the organisations, so that the young trainees can apply their acquired knowledge to live, practical projects.  Undoubtedly, the trainees thrive in such a learning environment, stretch the boundaries and deliver results in the organisations.

Along with the corporates, the esteemed faculty members make the critical contribution and ensure that academic inputs and conceptual clarity are delivered without compromise. The trainees enjoy every learning opportunity, assimilate and display their merit.  The IGTC team focuses relentlessly on enabling the trainees to develop the essential soft skills and positive energy that is required to tilt the balance in their favour. The trainees differentiate themselves as good human beings with the right values.  The IGCC Committee Members, Director General Mr. Steinruecke and all the colleagues prioritize and promote training as one of its key services. The trainees live up to their promises made.

It is no surprise that the training imparted converts into final placements, and the belief in the formidable German Dual Education System has been completely reinforced and has been multiplying among the trainees, faculty, HR partners, corporate recruiters and alumni. IGTC has been artfully maintains the delicate balance among all these stakeholders and attains synergy. This has not only sustained the Post Graduate Programme in Business Administration (PGPBA) over years, but has also emboldened us to double capacity and cater to an ever growing number of partnering organisations.

Supplementing this growth story at IGTC, has been the launch of the strongly conceptualized, comprehensive Executive Business Management Programme (EBMP) in Mumbai in 2010 and subsequently in Pune in 2015. By training high performing managers from member organisations, this programme has proved to be the greatest credibility-enhancer for IGTC in the shortest span of time. We stand humbled by its success. And once again, the credit goes to the sheer brilliance of the teaching faculty. It has been an enriching and fulfilling experience to meet the expectations of the seasoned managers, who come ‘back-to- school’ to learn. Adding value and smiles to the lives of this mature audience pushes the IGTC team to another level of responsibility and responsiveness.

IGTC’s has also launched two other critical initiatives. The first has been the formation of the Indo-German HR Partner Forum, an initiative to connect the senior HR partners on a common platform and to facilitate collaboration among them. This has developed into a professional camaraderie that continues to mutually benefit all the organisations and individual partners in multiple ways. This unbiased and selfless effort from IGTC has brought it immense respect and recognition.

The second initiative has been the collaboration with the Baden Württemberg State Cooperative University, Karlsruhe for a mutual student and faculty exchange programme. Officially titled ‘Business Environment Germany / India’, the annual study programme has gone way beyond its objectives to foster an unforgettable, intercultural experience. It has also given IGTC visibility on the international platform.

What is most unique to IGTC is the feeling of ‘oneness’ and ‘being a family’ that every IGTCian has felt during their tenure at IGTC, be it the PGPBA or EBMP students. The bond that the alumni retain with the institute, keeping us abreast of their professional and personal lives, is our priceless treasure.  The alumni achievements, by scaling heights on the corporate ladder to hold senior and meaningful managerial positions in organisations, is the biggest testimony of our success.

On this note, I invite you to learn more about IGTC on our website. Or better yet, visit us to experience the difference!”