Got Career Goals but Don't Know Where to Start?

As a graduate student in any field - Arts, Commerce, Science or Engineering - you arrive at crossroads in your life when you are ready to launch your career. Your start in the corporate world is of prime importance.

If you aspire to gain a deep understanding of business, a strong management programme is the most effective tool and often, a necessary credential to open doors. The corporate world actively seeks people who have leadership skills, strategic knowledge, and analytical rigour gained through management

The difference lies in the way you get there. Will you choose the traditional routes or our express method - a more refined and efficient way?

The IGTC Edge - Give Us Your Effort, We Give You Our Excellence

IGTC's innovative Post Graduate Programme in Business Administration is rooted in the famed German Dual Education System. It provides a rock-solid foundation in business fundamentals, inculcating a leadership mindset, and guarantees corporate placements with enriching career opportunities.

As an IGTC student you benefit from world-class experiential management training at leading Indo-German corporations. Over the last 30 years, IGTC has launched over 2000 graduates who enjoy accelerated career tracks globally, leading to fulfilling middle and senior management roles.

Programme Features

Attend live classes during the 18-months, full-time business administration programme merging German precision and excellence with Indian innovation and agility.

Apply the German Dual System to connect strong academic theories in the classroom to real-world examples and problems.

Learn from India's top B-School faculty who are thought leaders from the world of management education with rich corporate exposure.

Engage with leading Indo-German organisations, who select trainees during the admission process and provide practical training with exposure to German processes, best practices and work culture.

Implement live projects at the assigned company under guidance of your mentors and grow from invaluable, expert feedback.

Graduate with a PGPBA certificate jointly awarded by the German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK) and the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce (IGCC).

Earn an enviable placement and enjoy limitless success in the corporate world.

Enhance intercultural understanding with 'Business Environment Germany', an intensive study trip to DHBW Karlsruhe, Germany (optional).

Transfer credits to attain a Master in Business Management degree from the DHBW Heilbronn, Germany (optional).

German Dual System

The German Dual Education System is one of the cornerstones of the successful 'Made in Germany' brand, now widely adopted by many European and Asian economies for quality and excellence. In its purest form, the Dual System simply means 'Learning by Doing', blending theory with practical insights and experience within the organization.

At IGTC, this discipline fosters joint educational responsibility with the collaborating companies. Together, it creates a unique synergy between learning and working that instills the knowledge of business principles and the confidence to innovate and execute. For nearly 30 years, IGTC is the only organization in India that immerses both post-graduate students and seasoned executives in this unique and purposeful learning and skilling program for the next generation of Indian managers and leaders.


IGTC PGPBA is anchored in an industry-driven general management curriculum delivered by India's Top B-School faculty, industry experts, and thought-leaders. With the fundamentals mastered, you develop strong critical analysis and problem-solving skills boosted by strategic thinking and a global vision to support your career growth.

Key Takeawys

The Value of Apprenticeship- The Cornerstone of IGTC's Dual Education System

The #1 purpose for your time at IGTC is to broaden and deepen your intellectual ability and prepare you for career success. Your goal is to learn, and the time-honoured way to learn a skill or trade is apprenticeship. If you want to be a glass-blower, you would go and study with a master glass-blower. You would follow his movements and try to absorb his knowledge.

At IGTC you benefit from many individuals - the faculty, corporate mentors, and successful alumni who have varied expertise in their fields. You have the chance to apprentice yourselves under those who have done it you are best at, before you innovate and drive business with unique new ideas and methods.

Purposeful Learning With Live Corporate Projects

  • Operations Value Chain: Inventory Management at Baerlocher Additives

    Fresh with ideas and modern inventory management tools at IGTC, I applied the Statistical (QR model) and Estimation Method to scientifically redefine and calculate minimum inventory and re-order level. These recommendations were successfully implemented by Baerlocher and it helped to reduce inventory by 7 percent and realised a cost savings of approximately 22 percent
    Chitrang Narkar, PGPBA Class of 2021

  • Money Matters: Key Operating Processes at DBOI Global Services

    At DBOI, I was tasked to review Key Operating Processes (KOP) of the Liquidity Data Management team. By shadowing the seasoned analysts, I gained a profound understanding of the innovative technical tools that make liquidity reporting more precise and reliable. I initiated a tracking mechanism making this regulatory task more efficient. This project won approval from the management and the audit authorities.
    Deeotima Hazra, PGPBA Class of 2021

  • Customer-Focused Selling: Identifying Market Potential at Kärcher

    Great products or services come from listening to the needs and interests of our customers. As an intern, I was tasked to conduct research, identify market value, and provide scope of improvement for Kärcher products. Implementing the application of marketing tools like Need-Gap Analysis, Focus Area, and Value-added offering, enhanced the market potential of our cleaning industry products.
    Nitish Kadam, PGPBA Class of 2021

  • People and Processes: HR Recruitment at LANXESS India

    A progressive company places value on people and an excellent hiring system. When a new digital platform was implemented at LANXESS India, I was tasked to review and redefine their recruitment policy guide with a sharper new version to align with the new standards and platform. The impact of my project was the creation of a structured and efficient recruitment process that offered a seamless transition for new hires.
    Vedvati Karandikar, PGPBA Class of 2021

Who Should Enroll

Our Industry Connections Run Deep. Start Taking Advantage of Them Today.

  • Develop a holistic perspective to boost your business acumen, confidence and performance.
  • Intern with IGTC's partner training organizations, identify and define operational problems and implement successful solutions.
  • Learn German Management principles: Planning, Process and Precision
  • Build a professional network with the IGTC Alumni and top Indo-German companies
  • Gain instant recognition with India's leading Indo German companies such as BASF, Bosch, DHL, Mercedes Benz, Siemens among many others

Your Way Forward

  • Graduates in any field B.E./B.Tech./B.Com./ B.M.S/B.M.M./B.SC/B.A. with 0-3 years of work experience and over 50% aggregate marks are eligible to apply.
  • Application forms to be filled online at mumbai.igtcindia.com with an application fee of Rs. 2000+ 9% CGST + 9% SGST payable online.
  • Programme Fees are Rs. 3,00,000+ 9% CGST + 9% SGST payable online.
  • Scholarships supported by Siemens; available for students from less privileged backgrounds

Manager Experience

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