Zodiac Clothing Company Ltd.

Anees Noorani

Vice Chairman , Managing Director

Zodiac Clothing Company Ltd.

Germany is an industrial leader and an export champion, admired globally for its technical expertise. The cornerstone of this achievement and of Germany‘s economic success is the highly acclaimed German Dual Education System, which is simple and cost effective.

In 1991, the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce (IGCC) set up the first Indo-German Training Centre (IGTC) in Mumbai. Inspired by its overwhelming success, the second centre was set up in Chennai in 2005 and followed by Bangalore in 2008. Besides the flagship 18 months Post Graduate Programme in Business Administration (PGPBA), IGTC offers an Executive Business Management Programme (EBMP) as well as Open Training and Customized Management Development Programme.

The IGTC training seeks to impart structured knowledge & active competence. It offers the student a secure career and 100% of the students get placed on conclusion of the programme. The benefit for all sides is palpable- with students obtaining a state of the art, market & demand driven education- industry being able to build a productive, competitive and highly motivated skilled talent pool-and the country gains by virtue of remarkably low youth unemployment because of virtually no attrition, and greatly sharpened competitiveness.

In India, practical skills are considered inferior to academic qualifications; both need to be synchronized & harnessed. This is vital for the “Make in India“ vision, and for India becoming a global manufacturing hub. Over decades, several trials & numerous initiatives have been launched towards attaining this goal, but industry was left out (necessary for practical training & funding) and the effort lacked strategic resolve, and the scale required.

India has the potential Demographic Dividend and Germany has the expertise for unlocking this potential. Many German companies in India already engage in providing world class training. This has to be rapidly extended to Indian corporate, especially the SMEs; Germany‘s Mittelstand – the backbone of its economic miracle.

A legal framework for defining the role of each stakeholder needs to be in place, and a mechanism for a time bound review is necessary for the thrust forward. Members of the Managing Committee of the Indo-German Chamber have been pushing for this thrust for over a decade, which could be a game changer in transforming the country into a true champion.

I sincerely congratulate IGTC on its Silver Jubilee and wish IGCC and IGTC unparalleled success in the future.