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Krishna A.

Executive Director (Finance and Commercial)

Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Pallavi Shastri R

General Manager - HR

Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

My first contact with students of Indo-German Training Centre (IGTC) was in 1995, two years after I had joined Motor Industries Company Ltd. (MICO), at Nashik. A couple of bright and bubbly youngsters in our corporate office, intermittently interacted with me on official topics. They were smart, confident and good communicators; and, they were not the typical deferential types that I had got used to, in MICO – quite a staid and hierarchical organisation, at that time. My curiosity was stoked and I asked around. That’s when I learnt about the existence of IGTC, its connection to German companies, and got to know about its very specific pedagogic method. Deeply impressed, I became a fan of IGTC.

Students from IGTC stand out, with their ability to connect the dots and look beyond individual functions. This is an outcome of their programme design based on the German Dual Education.

My connection with IGTC intensified when I moved to the HR function, leading to a deepening of my bonds with it. When I look back, the highlights have been, getting colleagues from Bosch to interact with students at Mumbai, and securing a few student internships in our German locations.

IGTC took a big step in 2011, by launching the ‘HR Partner Forum’, under its aegis, to bring together Heads of HR of Indo-German companies; for exchange of ideas, sharing of best practices, and to explore creation of synergies on topics of mutual interest. It has been a great platform! I have personally benefitted from this forum, both professionally and personally, besides getting to know some great HR professionals in the country. The organisation of this forum is wonderfully structured, with full day meetings at quarterly intervals, on specific topics, plus considerable amount of interaction outside of these meetings. The forum has certainly served to enrich the knowledge base of the HR community among Indo-German companies. Special kudos to IGTC for this!

In its twenty-five years, IGTC has made a significant contribution towards the development of professional managerial talent, in a very quiet and understated manner. It has evolved and adapted to the needs of the times, and has carved out a great niche for itself. It has moulded and delivered well rounded professionals, who are contributing positively to their respective ecosystems. In short, it has made a difference!

My best wishes to IGTC on this great milestone, and wishing it many more glorious years of shaping young minds and lives.