Srita Heide International

Srita Heide

CEO & Founder

Srita Heide International

Srita Heide International supports European/international companies to develop and establish their organizational and management structures in India and vice versa. We also support organizations to develop their talents as expats through cultural intelligence workshops, strengthening their expat potentials, and taking responsibilities for their organization in other countries.

Our firm also encourage companies in India to adapt to German vocational training and contribute to developing dual studies in India. We operate from Germany and India. The firm is managed by Srita Heide and Marcus Heide.

India needs to focus more on gaining practical and technical skills; to ensure high quality in production, better implementation, and for many logical ways of thinking. To gain confidence of the German Mittelstand, we need to ensure high quality technical expertise.

We encourage strong Indo-German collaboration, to implement vocational training and dual studies in India. Indo-German Training Centre (IGTC) is a role model in India, developing talent with academic and practical skills. We wish IGTC all the very best.

Congratulations for 25 years of success and achievements!

It will be Srita Heide International’s pleasure to cooperate further with IGTC and Indo-German Chamber of Commerce, to strengthen Indo-German activities.