Häfele India

Jürgen Wolf

Managing Director

Häfele India

Padma Gupta

Director – Human Resources

Häfele India

‘Similarities and Variances,’ together form an indispensable source of benefits. While the similarities create a familiar environment to connect with, the variances complement existing strengths with new perspectives. The result is a wholesome combination that is young yet seasoned, new yet familiar, ambitious yet grounded.

I feel that Häfele’s association with Indo-German Training Centre (IGTC) has experienced an analogous journey to this. Our similarities include our ability to pace ourselves with the dynamic requirements of this country, our ability to adapt to new methods of learning and growing, but most importantly, our apparent German roots. The variances that have complemented our association beautifully are dual in nature–while Häfele has absorbed promising and talented individuals from IGTC alumni into its core employee base; IGTC, on the other hand, has added Häfele as an essential Business Partner in all their endeavors. This journey of similarities and variances never fails to amaze yet comfort me.

On the onset of IGTC’s 25th anniversary, I would like to congratulate the entire team for building a successful and trustworthy institution that is adding a new and different dimension to learning. Their inherent approach of merging conceptual learning with practical internships has resulted in an outcome that is most promising. Häfele has already seen immense benefit in this approach, as the IGTC interns absorbed by the company over the last 3 years have come with fresh ideas, confident mindsets and most importantly, a seasoned maturity to be able to deal with the many complexities of a corporate structure.

Keeping this in mind, Häfele has offered unique and contemporary work profiles for the IGTC graduates who have been taken on board. These profiles include Content Development (creation of product memos, marketing content and online content), Cross Media Platforms (management of Häfele-Customized online learning tools) and Product Services (supplier assessment and quality inspections). With the most recent inclusion from the 2016 batch, we have now forayed into offering hard-core Sales profiles that provide immense opportunities to understand the Indian Hardware and Home Interiors market.

I am positive that we can further nurture this association between IGTC and Häfele, to eventually create an exemplary connect between the fields of education and commerce.